Driver seat ISRI® 1030 / 880 NTS

The ISRI® seat 1030/880 NTS is part of the typical representatives of the modern seat generation. The most modern components and innovative technology make this driver’s seat a qualitatively high-grade product for local and long-distance traffic, which elegantly combines safety and comfort.

The ISRI®-Modell 1030/880 NTS provides numerous equipment features and the most modern functions, including:


Static driver’s seat

Height-adjustment 100 mm

Tilt adjustment

adjustable backrest

Horizontal adjustment

Seat cushion depth adjustment

mechanical lumbar support

Optional additional equipment:

Armrests standard/ comfort version

Rotating device



Installation consoles

The ISRI® seat 1030/880 NTS is also available in smaller quantities and naturally with both right and left-hand operation. The driver’s seat model also has an integrated fire protection that makes the seat flame retardant and thus provides the highest safety both in local and long-distance traffic.

Do you wish to receive more information about the ISRI® seat 1030/880 NTS or would you like a personal consultation? We’ll make time for you and we will find a suitable solution for your needs and the specific local and anatomical conditions together with you.