Comfort means not to abadon comfortable things

We fulfill your dreams of high-class, elegant and appropriate interior.

Striving for highest performance is an important part of our actions.

Performance means to work with extraordinary and personal activity to achieve best results for our clients. These results contribute decisively to the success of our clients and provide them with competitive advantages.
By permanent investments in new technologies, production tools, production processes as well as permanent qualifications of our staff we have developed into a powerful competitive company which can compare favourably with our competitors.

Our experiences collected in the past in the field of development and application of new technologies as well as materials and processing methods qualify us to a competent partner who strives for long-term partnerships at home and abroad in the future.

The basis forms our large, individual and custumer-oriented profile of performance.


As our range of products is very wide, complex and custom-specific we cannot define a scope of service strictly separated. According to the requirements of the client all fields cooperate together.

If vintage car, car, motorbike, boat, bus, train or aircraft we produce individually and costum-made.

Highest quality is not only based on modern technique and production but also on specialized, qualified and especially motivated employees.

An important part of our success strategy is the fact that our employees in the production do not only produce but also contribute new ideas and concepts for the project from the first day on. The cooperation of the employees from all sectors of the company guarantees the best and most creative solution of the customer requirements.

Range of production and delivery

Modernization of upholstery of each type and design including interior and other parts

Fabrication of: curtains, covers, protective covers, tops, wrappings and bags

New construction and development of seatings, seat racks, upholsteries, couches, folding seats, stand-up supports

Modernization of the interior in restaurants, cafés, cinemas, theatres and others

Sales of spare parts, upholstery material, racks and seating