Driver´s seats

ISRI® Driver’s seats for rail vehicles with individual equipment and fire protection


Especially on long-distance routes and regular transport services, comfortable and safe seats are not just a must for passengers, but also the driver. In return, Latusek, in cooperation with the manufacturer IRSINGHAUSEN, offers individual and flame retardant seats for drivers in the regular transport service and long-distance routes – incidentally also in smaller quantities.

Our driver’s seats convince through the following functions:

  • ergonomically shaped seat and back cushions
  • shoulder adjustment
  • adjustable backrest
  • integrated pneumatic system (IPS)
  • integrated seat heating
  • height adjustment with memory function
  • adjustable vibration damper
  • quick lowering-mechanism
  • mechanic or pneumatic swivel bracket
  • seat cushion depth adjustment
  • seat cushion tilt adjustment
  • foldable armrests with adjustable inclination
  • different color and material variations to choose from
  • and many other things

These features don’t just turn the workplace of the chauffeur on long-hauls into a safe, but also comfortable seat experience. Convincing quality and innovative technology also turn the seats into typical representatives of the new generation of seats. We take our time for our customers and together, we will find a suitable solution – especially for the local and anatomical conditions.